California White Sage Smudge Stick

June 30, 2010

White sage is from the coastal mountains of California. This is a large leaf sage which is prized for it’s rich aromatic properties. This sage has the one of the strongest scents and burns with a rich smooth smoke. Each bundle is individually hand rolled. The large bundles measure 8 to 9 inches in length and 3 to 3.5 inches in diameter! Check out the photo where it shows the comparison between the normal 8-9 inch stick and the xxlarge stick! The normal size on a large stick is 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter! The sage stick can vary in size depending on the season it is picked and dried in. At times our bundles can be full of leaves and 9 inches long and 3 inches wide. Other seasons our bunles can be 3.5 inches wide, nice and full yet the stem is longer with shorter leaves. They all have the same burning time and incredible smooth aroma.

Since the dawn of times plants have been our sacred connection to our mother earth. Plants feed, cure, and shelter us; and legends abound of the power of chosen plants to heal and protect the wise. Native traditions relate that wherever sage and cedar are used, no evil influences may enter.

To “smudge” is to purify with smoke from certain sacred herbs. The sacred ritual of purifying with smoke comes from native peoples in both North and South America. In North America the smoke is created by burning sacred herbs such as sage, cedar, sweet grass and juniper. Smoke may be used to purify the body, spirit, pet, home, office and healing rooms, any space or item in your world

This smudge stick is 100% natural aromatic botanicals. The herbs were gathered in an ecologically sound and respectful way. The plants are not harmed and nothing is wasted. These bundles are made for you as tools of empowerment! Enjoy!

 This, as well as a variety of other smudge sticks are all available on our site,


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