Native American Spiny Oyster, Turquoise & Sterling Silver Earrings

June 30, 2010

Santo Domingo silversmith Veronica Benally displays her incredible talent!


Santo Domingo silversmith Veronica Benally has won numerous awards for her incredible pieces of color, design and Native American arts and these earrings fall right in to that category. These pieces are designed with hand cut shimmering sterling silver and set within the wide bezel are perfect hand cut slivers and large pieces of  spiny oyster shells as well as Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Each piece seems to have been cut just perfectly to fit in a square bezel with a beautiful pattern of color. The quality of craftsmanship of these earrings and other works of this artist art stunning and is one reason why her pieces are collectables. These earrings have stemmed backings.

 Also listed in our store are matching rings.  All one of- a- kind pieces.

 The shell in the back round of the photos is an actual orange spiny oyster shell before cutting and polishing.


Spiny oyster is a clam shell oyster that can be found between the Northeast coast of Mexico and the East coast of Baha California in the Sea of Cortez. The shell functions the same as all clam shells but it is quite ugly on the outside with long hard extensions and a rough shell. The rest of the shell can be beautiful in different colors ranging from red, orange, yellow, purple and other shades. Each shell is cut in different sizes and shell pieces are polished for use. Much like a rough stone the polishing brings out incredible gorgeous colors! Native Americans have used shells for decades for various reasons from wampum as money to shells for jewelry.

 The small pits in the shell show its authenticity. Manmade shells, made of an epoxy or plastic material, will be smooth with no pits or grooves.


Award winning Santo Domingo artist Veronica Benally’s scripted hallmark stamp “V. Benally” is on the inside of this ring as well as “Sterling”.


 Each earring measures .80 inches on each side. The bezel sides measure .60 on each side as well as each stone.


.20 ounces each

These earrings, along with many other beautiful Native American items can be purchased on our site,  Soar ahead!


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