Navajo Eloise Kee Cast Sterling Silver Baby Spoon

July 4, 2010

Navajo Eloise Kee Cast Sterling Silver Baby Spoon

Certificate of Authenticity – This original piece of Native American art is new unless otherwise listed as vintage or pawn.  It will arrive accompanied by our official Letter of Authenticity which documents the Native American artists name, tribal affiliation, gemstone materials, sterling silver and the price you paid so that it will help you establish and maintain accurate records.    We take the utmost care in shipping it to you and it will arrive cleaned, polished and well packed for safety in a sealed bag wrapped in tissue paper in a gift bag.     

 We travel to New Mexico, the Native American jewelry capital of the world, and visit other artists throughout the Southwest 4 to 5 times a year to purchase direct from the traders or the artists themselves.  My mother was born and raised in the West and still lives and works in the Grand Canyon.  The Native Americans have always been a part of our lives and we have always surrounded ourselves with their culture and beautiful works of art.  

All of our items are bought directly from individual artists or from well established, well known wholesalers and traders between Gallup, the reservations, Santa Fe and Albuquerque.  We love to buy directly from the artists so we can support their craft as well as provide them a living for their incredible talents.  It helps to bypass the middleman so we can send money back to our adopted families at the reservation. 

It is against the law to post an item as authentic Native American if it is not.  We do our best to describe each piece by the description, where it came from and the artist. We guarantee you will not find any fake, cheap or imported jewelry on our site.  All of our items are Authentic Native works of art. All of our jewelry contains genuine silver, silver, gold and contains no pot metal, nickel, rhodium, pewter or other precious metal substitutes.  

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