Native American Hand Coiled Acoma Pottery – E. Antonio 2

July 13, 2010


 This beautiful NEW pot is hand coiled and hand painted from natural colors of the earth. The same design pattern is repeated on all four quandrants. The top rim has a beautiful painted pattern around the rim along with a pressed design knotched within the clay.The bottom of the pot is signed by the artist, Acoma potter E. Antonio.

Many Acoma potters gather their clay, sift it and add water to it from the sacred grounds of the Acoma Pueblo to make their pottery. The potter gathers natural pigments and vegetation from within the grounds to make their paints. The yucca plant is generally used to make their paint brushes, as it has fibers within the plant that are a gift from nature for the use of painting.


Acoma Pottery

Authentic Acoma pots are made from local, slate-like clays. When traditionally fired, these clays produce a very white vessel. After they are fired, these clays also are strong enough to allow the production of very thin walls. Traditionally, the Acomas use both mineral and vegetal based paints for their designs. The characteristic white backgrounds allow the Acoma potters to produce crisp black images, as well as rich polychrome designs. 

From a design standpoint, the Acoma potters frequently use rainbows, parrots, geometrics, and other historic and prehistoric motifs. Also, they frequently use patterns inspired by prehistoric Mimbres designs. A number of anthropologists believe that the Acoma and Laguna people are remnants of the prehistoric Mimbres people who migrated up from the Silver City, New Mexico area; hence this group’s interest in the Mimbres.

Acoma is often called the “Sky City,” because of its location atop a mesa in Western New Mexico. The people are closely related to the Laguna Pueblo people; they speak the same language and are adjoining neighbors. According to anthropology scholars, both the Acomas and Lagunas have myths that trace their heritage to the Anasazi people of the Four-Corners area and the Mesa Verde region in Colorado.

The Acoma village was already well established by the time of the invasion by Coronado and the “Spanish Entrada,” ca. 1540. The village remained in a backwash of the Spanish “conquest” until it was brutally brought into the Spanish mainstream in 1599. It since has been inexorably tied to the history of the State of New Mexico.

Of some interest to collectors is the effect its location has had upon the pottery styles of the Acomas. We have referenced that the prehistoric Anasazi groups were in the Four-Corners area, to the north of Acoma. To the south were the Mimbres who lived in the mountains above Silver City, NM. Some archaeologists maintain that the two cultures met and mixed in the Acoma area—the Anasazi from the north and the Mimbres from the south. Their reasoning goes that this is the why some of the Acoma pottery picks up the Mimbres designs. Notwithstanding, the modern Acoma potters have certainly added many Mimbres elements to their designs.


Native Acoma potter E. Antonio has signed this piece on the bottom.


This pot measures 6 inches across the center and stands 4.75inches tall. The top lip measures 2.50 inches across.

There are no visible cracks or chips on or in this piece.

This pot and all pottery are double wrapped for a safe journey to your destination.


14.60 ounces

Tribes, Pueblos, NationsAcoma, Cochiti, Isleta, Jemez, Jicarilla Apache Nation, Laguna, Mescalero Apache nation, Nambe, Navajo Nation, Ohkay Owingeh, Picuris, Pojoaque, Sandia, San Felipe, San IIdefonso, Santa Clara, Santo Domingo, Taos, Tesuque, Zia, Zuni


Certificate of Authenticity – This original piece of Native American art is new unless otherwise listed as vintage or pawn.  It will arrive accompanied by our official Letter of Authenticity which documents the Native American artists name, tribal affiliation, gemstone materials, sterling silver and the price you paid so that it will help you establish and maintain accurate records.    We take the utmost care in shipping it to you and it will arrive cleaned, polished and well packed for safety in a sealed bag wrapped in tissue paper in a gift bag.

This and a variety of other beautiful, authentic items are all available for purchase at the Wingz of Power website.

Soar Ahead!


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