Native American Sterling Silver & Turquoise Hair Barrette

July 18, 2010




Navajo Albert Cleveland Sterling Silver & Pilot Mountain Turquoise Hair Barrette


This Native American design hair barrette starts with a beautiful hand cut and deep notched sterling silver frame. The artist has hand stamped Native designs of the sun, moon and Native stars surrounding the bezel. Within the bezel is a hand cut and polished Pilot Mountain turquoise stone. A traditional silver hair clip is on the back of the frame and is stamped “Made in France”. .


 Pilot Mountain mine can be found in Esmeralda County, Nevada. This active mine currently produces a large amount of graded turquoise with a variety of colors ranging from blue to green with dark brown, black, or reddish matrices. Deposits here consist primarily of thin seams with some nugget formations.


Albert Cleveland and his wife Jackie are no strangers to those who are familiar with Navajo artists. Their art work and silver designs can be found all over the world and are prized possessions of fine silver collectors and lovers of beautiful native American jewelry. Albert’s hallmark stamp “AC” as well as “Sterling” can be found stamped on the back. Albert and his family live and work in the Gallup Mew Mexico area.


This little work of art measures 4.25 inches long and 1 inch wide. The stone itself measures .75 inches long at it’s longest point to point and .5 inches tall at it’s widest point to point. The back clip measures 3.25 inches long.


1.0 ounces

This and many, many more stunning, authentic Native American pieces are available for purchase at the Wingz of Power online shop.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Soar ahead!


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