New Zuni Fetish Penn Shell Heishe Necklace with Turquoise

August 3, 2010

This new Zuni Fetish Heishe necklace is hand strung on a silver wire with silver hooks on both sides. The heishe beads of genuine Penn Shell as well as turquoise beads are set between 7 fetish pieces. On this necklace is a traditional fish, wolf, badger, eagle, mole fox and rabbit. The fetish figures are hand carved stone or shell that are made of are turquoise, jet, spiny oyster, marble, jasper and quartz. This necklace measures 16 inches.

Native Americans have always felt a special connection to nature. The belief that all things in nature have a spirit is an integral part of their religions, which is part of what makes their creation of fetishes so important to to their cultures. Fetishes are Native American carving of animals, humans or supernatural figurines believed to have inherent power. The most renowned fetish carvers are the Zuni, who call themselves Asiwi (Ah-she-wee), but many Native American tribes create and use fetishes. It is a Zuni belief that animals are more powerful and like their deities than man. They also believe that both practical and spiritual power reside within their fetishes. The Zuni have used fetishes for many purposes: to make game more plentiful, to enable hunters to catch game and to use in curing ceremonies. They may also be used as protection for the community as well as individuals. There are two major groupings of fetishes (and some overlap between them): protective or healing animals, hunting and prey animals. For example, the mountain lion, an animal of both groups, is a source of leadership and resourcefulness. The bear, protective or healing animal, symbolizes strength, introspection, and a spiritual journey though life. The white bear is medicine. The coyote is a hunting animal of laughter, humor and foolishness, the master trickster who tricks himself. Zuni fetishes are totemic and feature inlaid eyes and heart lines, while those of the Navajo are often known as storytellers and are included in fetish necklaces that serves as mnemonics for traditional stories.

As always, this and many other hand-made, breathtaking, authentic items are available at the Wingz of Power site.

Soar ahead!


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