Caring for your turquoise

October 7, 2010

A good portion of Native American jewelry is made with sterling silver and turquoise.  It is a stunning combination! Aside from it’s natural radiance and vibrant coloration, turquoise, (also known as Skystone),has special significance for Native American culture.  According to the legend, when the rain came, the Native Americans were so grateful and happy, that they danced in the rain and cried. Combined with the rain, their tears permeated the earth and became turquoise.

Wingz of Power is now selling a beautiful cross set entirely with turquoise in our store . This delicate and exceptionally graceful piece was hand-crafted by a skilled Navajo craftsman out of sterling silver and inlaid with King’s Manassa turquoise.

Turquoise is a magnificent stone and requires some maintance as well as do other stones that were made from raw materials from the earth. Natural stones are susceptible to many environmental elements.. They tend need a little extra TLC. To maintain both the color and the quality of your turquoise jewelry and other stones, follow these simple steps-

  • Avoid oils, perspiration, dirt, soaps and chemicals- they can sink in to the stone’s porous surface and discolor the stone.
  • Check the stone’s setting on a regular basis.
  • Jewelry set with turquoise and other stones should be removed during any strenuous activity or any situation in which the stone may be damaged or compromised.
  • When putting on bracelets be sure to find a piece that fits you correctly. Making too many adjustments to the sterling silver will make the metal weak and in the long run possibly cause the stones to fall out.